Here you can see  list of main features of JEM the BEE. All technical details could be find on GitHub wiki.



JEM the BEE is a cloud-aware application implementing some specific patterns, typically of cloud application. It can easily leverage on cloud features, like horizontal scalabitity having the capability to add/remove clutser’s members “on the fly” (no master/slave pattern), members who can be hosted on  heterogeneous OS.

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JEM the BEE can scale both horizontally, adding or remove members to the cluster “on the fly” (taking advantage of a cloud platform), and vertically, both adding/removing nodes on  same machines or changing at runtime the maximum number of parallel jobs (taking advantage of already existing legacy environment).

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JEM the BEE cna split logically own cluster to allow to segregate the execution of your jobs using different application domains and affinities.

The affinity represents one or more tags assigned to cluster’s member, both statically and dynamically, usign whatever logic you prefer to address your business needs.

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JEM the BEE is built on complex, robust, reliable and persistent system of queues where the jobs are moved during their life cycle.

Peaks of workload are well-managed leveraging on this system.

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Following a cloud-aware, all data (sources, libraries, commands, logs) used and produced by jobs, must be stored on a common file system for the JEM the BEE cluster.

All cluster’s members have got the access to global file system allowing the execution of the job on whatever JEM the BEE node available, abstracting the job’s execution with the OS instance.

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In complex enterprise environments, you can have more than a JEM the BEE clusters. These clusters can communicate together, exchanging job to be executed increasing the flexibility of your environment.

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Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language to instruct the system on how to run a batch job. JCL allows to developers to simplify the job configuration, abstract and standardize your batch executions, modernizing your batches using new languages.

JEM the BEE is able to manage many JCL frameworks and allow you to implement your JCL if needed!

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In a batch execution environment is mandatory that jobs don’t fail if a needed resource is already allocated to another one. This system is able to serialize the access to the resources removing the annoying issue of concurrent resource access.

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In a modern batch execution environment, the concurrency with other environments (for instance online applications) could be a critical topic.

To speed up the job execution (and where the business logic allows to use it) teh integration with a grid computing could be mandatory.

JEM the BEE can be integrated natively with JPPF but can be customize for your grids!

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Apache Hadoop (and the different distributions) are coming a very important layer to figure out on our batch environment.

JEM the BEE is integrated with bigdata and is able to use the same data. You can perform business logic maintaining your legacy assets, adding the new ones for bigdata, against the same data.

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JEM the BEE has got a reliable security engine, which can request authentication and authorization for all actions.

RBAC system can be fully configured to fit your current needs (in term of authentication and authorization) having teh full control about who does what.

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To control and configure your system at runtime is mandatory in the enterprise world.

JEM the BEE provides a very fast (for operations) and clear user interface to access and manage all jobs and entities.

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JEM the BEE provides a complete and rich set of REST services to act on the environment, allowing you to integrate JEM the BEE with other environment, for instance SOA components or automation platforms.

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Usually a developer wants to have everything on own workbench to manage all items necessary for own application.

To manage jobs, files and artifacts JEM the BEE provides an Eclipse plugin to do that.

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