Manage your batch on a robust and reliable open source container


JEM the BEE (Job Entry Manager, the Batch Execution environment) is cloud-aware application server to manage batch execution

JEM the BEE node itself it’s a Java™ application and you can run it on different platforms, fully horizontal and vertical scalable


JEM the BEE can handle jobs written for Apache ANT, Spring Batch, BASH, Windows command, Windows Powershell and JBoss JBPM. For business logic, you can use every programming language


Using a flexible RBAC, JEM the BEE is able to manage all actions on web and Eclipse user interface, connecting cluster and accessing on the resources from jobs


Integration with Apache Hadoop by SpringBatch for Hadoop and usage of Apache HDFS as common file system


JEM is freely usable, licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). JEM Eclipse plugin is licensed under Eclipse Public Licence v1.0


Extend JEM the BEE with your customizations, adding your logic to fit your needs


JEM the BEE is hosted on GITHUB, where you can find all source code and a detailed documentation on wiki


Provide an open source solutions for batch management, reliable and consistent to meet the enterprise needs, leveraging on source quality
Make your honey, save your money

Batch processing is still a fundamental and mission-critical component, having significant advantages to perform repetitive logic. It remains a viable and strategic option for bulk processing with the need to be run at any time during the day, in parallel with the OLTP window, balancing blend of Batch and Online processing.

JEM, the BEE is able to control the complete job life-cycle management (Submit, Stop, Cancel, etc) and monitoring. It is leverage on existing assets, as scripts and business logic (all programming languages) reuse, where applicable, with a easy integration with job schedulers. It reinforces enterprise capability, like high availability, horizontal (cloudawareness) and vertical scalability and security, on all platforms.

  • Technical debt ratio

    about 1% of tech debt ration which can be thought of as work that needs to be done before a particular job can be considered complete or proper. Go to SonarQube

  • Findbugs issues

    32 issues discovered by FindBugs on about 80,000 lines of code

  • API documentation

    To be readable and easily customazible, the public API are almost all documented

  • Code documentation

    Every 3 lines of code there is a comment to explain the source code itself

Pepstock community

Pepstock is a community that is developing and maintaining JEM, the BEE.
Architect & Developer
Andrea Stocchero is the co-founder of the community and JEM the BEE project initiator
Architect & System specialist
Giuseppe Ventura is the co-founder of the community and JEM the BEE project initiator
Architect & Developer
Simone Businaro is the software developer leader of JEM, the BEE
UI Designer & Developer
Marco Cuccato is developing the user interface and some core parts of JEM the BEE
Alessandro Zambrini is developing the core part of JEM the BEE
System Specialist
Gabriele Foresti is the system specialist where JEM the BEE plaftorms are supported
Eclipse Plugin Developer
Enrico Frigo is developing the Eclipse plugin for JEM the BEE
Architect & System specialist (contribute)
Giampiero Gabbiani is contributing to implement specific solutions at system level for JEM the BEE
Developer (contribute)
Luca Cappello is contributing to implement specific JEM the BEE plugins, at core level
Architect (contribute)
Marco Pinton is contributing on continous improvements of JEM the BEE architecture
Promoter (contribute)
Stefano Franceschini is contributing to feed of contents the social accounts and teh site of JEM the BEE
Giulio Soleni is contributing to develop system parts of JEM the BEE

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